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"The Purple Blaze" is a handpainted, one of a kind,  black blazer with white, purple, black and metallic gold painted on it. The paint on the blazer is a mix of acrylic, latex, and spray paints which means they are dry-clean only. 

When you wear a 1 of 1 Blazer, you instantly become a celebrity. People all around you -complete strangers- will come up and compliment you. You will instantly be the best dressed man in the crowd. 1 of 1 Blazers are the perfect statement piece to wear to parties, galas, art shows, charity auctions, football games, and big events like tailgating, The Kentucky Derby, Halloween, New Year's Eve and especially Mardi Gras.

Each blazer is an original piece of wearable art. Although the overall design will look like your chosen design, each blazer has its own life and personality. No one will have what you have. Additionally, they are individually titled, signed and dated just like a painting.

Don't know your blazer size?
Here is how to measure. With hands by your side measure from you left armpit across your chest to your right armpit. Double that length and add 2 for the blazer size. Add 4 to the double length for a looser fit. For example. If your front chest is 18 inches across then you wear a 38 or for a looser fit 40.
Length: When selecting a length unless otherwise noted the size is a "Regular" length. Along with regular length, we offer both "Short (S)" or "Long (L)" for certain Blazers sizes.
Generally, the measurement for length goes as follows:
Short (S)=5'4"-5'7" heightRegular= 5'7.5"-5'11"Long (L)= 5'11.5"-6'2.5"
If the blazer doesn't fit, feel free to return it and try a different size ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you're not satisfied, we offer money back guarantee.



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