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You have worn the blazer and every time you wear it you get compliments. You feel comfortable with that level of gorgeousness But, what if we were to kick it up a notch? Let's say to "11." When you wear a complete painted suit, it is the ULTIMATE PAINTED SUIT. Head-to-toe dripping hot confidence. OUCH!

Yes, the whole outfit, dripping with matching colors of your choice, blazer, pants, vests and tie. Heck, we will pant your under-roos if you let us! We guarantee NO ONE will be wearing what you are wearing. You will be the prettiest dude in the room, GUARENTEED.

WARNING: The painted suit is not for the novice 1 of 1 wearer. 1 of 1 Blazers does not take responsibility for any fires caused by entering rooms. Beware: the painted suit is, as the kids say, LIT!

THE ULTIMATE painted suit (blazer, pants, vest +tie/bowtie)

  • Please note that the sizing on the vests match the blazer sizes i.e. if you wear a 40R in a blazer, vest size will be 40R.

    However, pants are measured by WAIST size, not blazer size. All pants come unhemmed, all one length which is about 36 inches in length. This is an easy tailoring job that customers can do without need of their tailor.

Painted Bow Ties