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Our Story

As a community organizer, artist Charles O. Anderson was painting signs for everyone lost to violence in New Orleans. There were over 700 names to paint and each one had to be special. He painted them in bright color, but that was not enough. They needed to feel alive. That's when he took his dried up paint brushes, dipped it in the house paint bucket and flung the paint as hard as he could. The result was a painting that had action, life and diverse colors. He continued to paint all of the signs in that fashion and then, realized, that he had gotten paint over everything he owned in his apartment including his new blazer. He decided it looked good enough to wear it out. 

Not soon after, while he was walking the New Orleans' streets, people complimented him on his crazy suit. Soon, men were offering $100 to buy the suit blazer off his back. That is when the idea of 1 of 1 Blazers began...

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