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Affiliate Program FAQ

Is this a Pyramid Scheme? No, whereas Pyramid Schemes ask affiliates to purchase equipment or products, there is absolutely no fee to start as an affiliate at 1 of 1 Blazers. You can start selling immediately and we will be paying YOU, not the other way around. 

How do I get started? Sign-up in the previous page with your email. We will verify you and send you your affiliate link, your individual affiliate ID. We will also mail you your first 100 business card with your code. In the mean time, you can email friends and share via social media. 

When do I get paid? 30 days after the sale as we have to wait to make sure there are no returns. 

I don't know anybody Everybody is a potential sales star, they have to tap into their cirle and contacts. Think about your family, your friends, your work buddies, etc. 

How do I get my affiliate link? We will email you the affiliate link. It will also be on your dashboard

How do I get credit for my sales? When your leads buy using your affiliate link, this will tracked to our system with your affiliate ID. 

How can I get promotional material with my special link? There are samples of social posts, emails and text messages to send your potential leads on your dashboard for you to download. 

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