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Join our Affiliate Program

Join the Program and Get Paid for Your Recommendations

Absolutely Free! No Set-up, Hidden Fees or Inventory

The program is simple. You wear your blazer and you contact your circle then you hand out cards with your special website code. Customers who use your embedded website to purchase will show up on tracking and you will get paid %15 commission. You get the lead and we take care of all the rest. 

Sell When You Want

No pressure from monthly goals. Sell when you desire. Use your social media presence, email list, circle of friends or strangers you meet while sporting your 1 of 1 Blazers to bring in sales. Earn a commission by sending out an email, making a phone call, or passing out a card. 

Pay For Your Drinks & Dinner

Wouldn't it be great if you make a sale every time you wear your blazer? You would be able to pay for your drinks and meal for the night! Yes, it really is that easy. 1 of 1 Blazers have an amazing word-of-mouth factor and we know that our customers are our best salesmen. Take that leap, sign up for the Affiliate Program and start earning money. 

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