They said dress up, they said black tux, they said it was the classiest black tie affair of the season, BUT they didn’t say that it couldn’t be a black and green and purple and gold tie affair. Everyone has a black tux and black tie. You need something special. You need something fun and classy, something that says “I’m a dapper gentleman, but hell, I can still outparty you, hoss.”  


Our handpainted bowties are a tuxedo style bow tie with adjustable loops. This is a special Mardi Gras bow tie with purple, green and gold painted on it. This black bow tie is perfect for a Carnival costume or for that Mardi Gras ball. 

THE KING CAKE Mardi Gras Bowtie

    • Hand-painted gold bow tie with hook in the back that slides to fit all neck sizes
    • Durable latex metallic paint that will not chip or rub off