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When I asked my son Dee what color he wanted his blazer, he said "1 Rainbow & 1 Spiderman" He can never find what he wants at the store, it is all so boring, so I made a line for boys who want to rock the rainbow or feel like a superhero.


Below you will see a selection of blazer sizes, if you do not see the one that you want, please email us at after you order. With each blazer, we do order from our manufacture, we do not have any boy's blazers on hand, so there will be a 2 week turnaround. 



KID SIZES Painted Blazers

  • Please note that the sizing on the vests match the blazer sizes i.e. if you wear a 40R in a blazer, vest size will be 40R.

    However, pants are measured by WAIST size, not blazer size. All pants come unhemmed, all one length which is about 36 inches in length. This is an easy tailoring job that customers can do without need of their tailor.

Painted Bow Ties