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Fun Men’s Suits: Wear Your Confidence on Your Sleeve

Whether you’re heading to the Mardi Gras parade across town, the cookout right next door, or the biggest sporting event of the season, you have to dress the part. Nothing says “I’ve arrived” quite like fun men’s suits from 1 of 1 Blazers. We have a wide variety of suits, jackets, and blazers that are sure to turn heads whenever you walk. Our suits provide you not only with style, color, and an interesting talking point, but also with the confidence to approach any situation with gusto.

Clothes That Make a Statement

Every piece of clothing you wear makes a statement. The most famous designers in the world constantly work to make bold statements with their suits. The question is, what kind of statement are you trying to make? The majority of people wear clothes that serve a specific purpose to get them through the day. They wear collared shirts at work to show they are professional. They wear comfortable clothes at home to help them feel relaxed. But what if your statement has a little more depth? What if your statement requires an artistic point of view and needs to be expressed loudly for the whole world to hear? That’s where 1 of 1 Blazers comes in handy.

We create fun men’s suits that tell everyone around you that you’re there to be outgoing and have a good time. Our fun men’s suits do the talking so you don’t have to. They are the perfect conversation starter and a foolproof icebreaker. They say, “I care about individuality,” and they will attract others to your point of view. Pick out one of your favorites to see how you can make a statement with your clothes.

The Ultimate Power Suit

Some fun men’s suits have a subtle message, but not ours. We create the ultimate power suit by giving you the confidence to truly own the room. Here are a few places to wear your most outlandish outfits.

Mardi Gras

While everyone is dressed up in their various Mardi Gras costumes, no one else will be wearing one of your fun men’s suits from 1 of 1 Blazers. This is because each and every suit is 100% unique. Our suits are hand painted by true artists, which means no two are the same. Go ahead and wear the entire ensemble if you want to stand out even in one of the most festive and bizarre parties on Earth.

Unique fun mens suits

Crawfish Boils

When your neighbors are cooking crawfish, you have to show up in style. Make sure to bring plenty of napkins so you don’t wipe your hands on the piece of original, wearable art. As people are pinching tails and biting heads, their eyes will be fixed on you and your ultimate power suit. Own the attention and give yourself a new sense of confidence.

Kentucky Derby

Fancy clothes and oversized hats have had their time. At the Kentucky Derby or other big sporting events, try stepping out of the box to make a statement to those around you. Do something different by wearing something different. The Slick is a perfect suit for any sporting event. This fun men’s suit comes complete with jacket, pants, and matching tie, and it is sure to draw all the attention you could ever want.


Visit our online store and check out our latest styles of fun men’s suits that are sure to make you stand out wherever you are!

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