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4 Personalities Perfect for Party Wear Suits

Everyone has that one friend who always has the best party wear. They come to every event dressed for the occasion and looking their best. The difficult part is going from having that friend to being that friend. That’s where party wear suits come in handy. Party wear suits give you the opportunity to dress up in a fun and festive way, bridging the gap between professional and utterly outrageous. Party wear suits aren’t for everyone, however. We’ve decided to outline the four personalities perfectly suited to buy party wear suits.

1. The Talk of the Town

You’ve always been excited to talk to anyone in any situation. You’re excited about going to new parties, meeting new people, and showing off your newest party wear suits. You shop at 1 of 1 Blazers because you like the idea of wearing something totally unique that you won’t find anyone else at the party wearing. The colorful suits, blazers, and ties let you be the center of attention and put all eyes on you as you walk into a room.

party wear suits

2. The Budding Introvert

You’re not necessarily a party-goer, but you’re interested in getting yourself out there more often. You want to meet new people but don’t exactly have a conversation starter that you can think of on a regular basis. When you put on your favorite party wear suits, you completely transform into the gregarious person you’ve always wanted to become. 1 of 1 Blazers lets you jump out of your shell and instantly make new friends.

best party wear suits

3. The One-Time-Only

It’s quite possible that you aren’t a fan of dressing up at all. You don’t attend fancy parties, go to dress-up events, or deviate from your routine often. But after being convinced to go to that one-time-only gathering, you want to step out and make a statement. You reach for that one party wear suit that you know is sure to get everyone asking, “Where has he been this whole time?” If you think your next big party will be a one-time-only event, why not make it count and go in the best of your party wear suits?

unique party wear suits

4. The Party Wear Extraordinaire

You’ve done it all and seen it all. You’ve been to every party ranging from formal black-tie affairs to grungy Halloween parties hosted by friends of friends. You want your party wear suits to be original, unique, and handmade. You like 1 of 1 Blazers because you know that each suit is hand painted by a true artist, making your outfit not just a piece of clothing but a work of art as well.

new party wear suits


No matter what your personality type, there is always an opportunity to wear one of your favorite party wear suits. Visit our online store and check out our latest styles of unique men’s suits that are sure to make you stand out wherever you are!


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