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Jazz Fest Gala: Wear The Music

Every year, the best in New Orlean's music comes together for the Jazz and Heritage Festival at the Fair Grounds. Jazz Fest is one of the best music festivals in America; its the best music from the best music and party city in America. Jazz Fest begins with the Jazz Fest Gala on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at the Hyatt. Anyone who is anyone attends the Gala as it is a good time for a good cause. Music, food and revelry. And this, this is the time to shine AND have a good time. Yes, you can rent a black tie tux and blend in with the rest of the crowd, but how boring! You are different. You want this weekend to be a legendary and it all starts with what you wear. The Jazz Fest Gala dress code may ask for a blazer, but that blazer does not have to be a black tuxedo. How about a hand-painted, custom blazer for the Jazz Fest Gala? How about you party in a Purple and Gold tux tails to kick off your Jazz Fest weekend? How about the wildest blazer for the wildest guy for the wildest weekend of their life? This is a weekend of music and art and you can wear the music and art

on your sleeve.

1 of 1 Blazers offers a full array of painted men's blazers to fulfill the proper dress code for the Jazz and Heritage Festival Gala.

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