Hail King Zulu! Hail King Bacchus! Hail to that guy wearing those effin' TUX TAILS!  WTF! There are Mardi Gras costumes, then there are Mardi Gras costumes. Nothing says you own Carnival season like a fully painted men's tuxedo tails. When you wear THE KING TUX TAILS, people all around you -complete strangers- will come up and adorn you. You are the KING OF THE CROWD!


THE KING TUX TAILS is a handpainted, one of a kind, black tuxedo tails with white and metallic gold and bronze painted on it. Dress it up with some purple and green and you have an epic Mardi Gras costume for Carnival. 


Product Features: 


  • A UNIQUE, WEARABLE WORK OF ART - No two are the same! 
  • TRENDY, SMART SUIT BLAZER FIT - Our sports coats for men aren't baggy or shapeless. 
  • QUALITY FABRIC WON'T FADE OR WEAR - Dry-cleanable mens sport coat made by a leading manufacturer. 
  • STAND OUT AT EVENTS AND PARTIES - This men tuxedo tails is a sure-fire way to get noticed whether you're a stage performer or a party animal!

THE KING TUX TAILS Tuxedo Tails Painted Jacket

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    Exchanges are accepted at all times. Blazer must be in new condition without signs of wear or usage. Tags do not have to be on the blazer for returns. 


    Email 1of1blazers@gmail.com for shipping labels and return or refund instructions. 

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    All customers should expect at least a 3 weeks between ordering and receiving your custom 1 of 1 Blazer.


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